CECs, Centro de Estudios Científicos (Center for Scientific Studies) is a private, non-profit corporation, devoted to the development, promotion and diffusion of scientific research. CECs was founded in 1984 as the Center for Scientific Studies of Santiago and has since been directed by physicist Claudio Bunster.

“If you plan to make a voyage of discovery, choose a ship of small draught”
Captain James Cook rejecting the large ships offered by the Admiralty for the search of a new continent.
MIM opening ceremony for "Perception, the magic of the senses"


Immerse yourself in the hearing or vision tunnel; face a mirror capable of combining the bodies of two people; or understand how it is that a flat image mysteriously acquires volume in front of our eyes. These are some of the experiences that residents of Valdivia and nearby communities may live with the exhibition of this interactive museum (MIM, Museo Interactivo Mirador) "Perception, the magic of the senses", which opened Friday, November 15 at CECs  Science Tent.



Opening of a New Window to Cell Energetics

CECs researchers have developed a nanosensor that permits to measure the mitochondrial metabolism of individual cells for the first time and in real-time.




In the paper published in the journal PLoS ONE, researchers from Biological Laboratory of CECs presented a method for real-time estimation of mitochondrial flow in intact cells at the level of single cells, using fluorescence microscopy. This method is based on a new genetically encoded nanosensor for pyruvate, a pivotal molecule between oxidative and fermentative metabolism. The nanosensor, which was termed Pyronic (PYRuvate Nano-Indicator from CECs), also permits the estimation of pyruvate concentration, production rate and transport.


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