CECs, Centro de Estudios Científicos (Center for Scientific Studies) is a private, non-profit corporation, devoted to the development, promotion and diffusion of scientific research. CECs was founded in 1984 as the Center for Scientific Studies of Santiago and has since been directed by physicist Claudio Bunster.

“If you plan to make a voyage of discovery, choose a ship of small draught”
Captain James Cook rejecting the large ships offered by the Admiralty for the search of a new continent.
CECS wins the 2010 Icare Award

Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECS) won the Award, in its special category. Patricio Parodi, President of Icare presented his institution’s annual Award.

CECS received this acknowledgement for its contribution to the promotion of science in Chile; because it is the first independent scientific research organization in the history of Chile, and for becoming a nerve centre for science in Chile and Latin America.


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