The handful of insights regarding algebra enlargements and the Taub-NUT spacetime

Speaker: Remigiusz Durka
Affiliation: University of Wrocław, Poland
Date/Time: Thursday, August 30, 2018, 16:00


General Relativity could be subjected to various generalizations. I would like to focus on couple examples being subject of my research. It concerns the first order formalism, supergravity, the addition of topological invariants, MacDowell-Mansouri scheme, the theory of gravity as a deformation of the topological BF theory, and the Poincare/(anti) de Sitter algebra enlargements. Presented class of topics finds interesting applications not only in the construction of the gravity models but also in the description of the so-called topological insulators, as well as in the black hole thermodynamics for the Taub-NUT spacetime, supposedly possessing gravitational analog of the magnetic monopole.

Venue: Ático, edificio Martha Muse
Event Type: Regular Seminar
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