Regge-Teitelboim analysis of the symmetries of electromagnetic and gravitational fields on asymptotically null spacelike surfaces

Speaker: Alfredo Pérez
Affiliation: CECs
Date/Time: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 16:00


In this talk, I will present a new application of the Regge-Teitelboim method for treating symmetries which are defined asymptotically. It may be regarded as complementary to the one in their original 1974 paper. The formulation is based on replacing the asymptotic planes by two patches of hyperboloids (advanced and retarded) of fixed radius and varying center. The motivation is to study radiation, and these hyperboloids are well suited to the task because they are asymptotically null, and thus are able to register the details of the process. The treatment produces naturally a Hamiltonian formulation of the symmetry of Bondi, van der Burg, Metzner and Sachs (BMS); it sheds light on the role of the Bondi “news” from the Hamiltonian viewpoint, on the role of magnetic flux and of the Taub-NUT space as a gravitational magnetic pole, and brings out the interrelationship between spin and charge. If a cosmological constant of either sign is brought in, the asymptotic symmetry is that of de Sitter or anti de-Sitter, and there is no room for an analog of the BMS symmetry.

Venue: Ático, edificio Martha Muse
Event Type: Regular Seminar
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