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Francisca was born in Concepción, Chile in 1972 and received a degree in Geography from Universidad Católica de Chile in 1997. She has collaborated with the Glaciology Laboratory of the Universidad de Chile, which is directed by Andrés Rivera. Along with researchers from Universidad Austral, Valdivia and the Ohio State University, she has participated in scientific research projects and activities in the glaciers of central and southern Chile. Her main interest is climate and atmospheric change and its relation to glacier variations in recent decades, using instrumental meteorological data, digital terrain models (DTMs) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). In 2004, Francisca received a Master's degree in Geography at Universidad de Chile. Her postgraduate thesis was on climate changes in the Chilean Lakes District during the second half of the XX century, and the decadal oscillation of the El Niño phenomenon, analyzing the relation between these processes and the deglaciation of Casa Pangue, on Monte Tronador. Francisca joined our laboratory in 2004, and has been working on the GLIMS project -Global Land Ice Measurements from Space- in collaboration with the National Snow and Ice Data Center at University of Colorado, as well as in national glaciological projects in Southern Chile.
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