Present financing sources Print
Since 2008, CECs has been a beneficiary of funds provided by CONICYT’s Basal Financing Programme. To date, this programme is the Centre’s main source of institutional funding.

For CECs, BFP represents a structural and strategic source of economic resources because it has enabled the Centre to plan initiatives in the mid-term and of a scale that is inaccessible through the traditional financing means that regulate the scientific community. This constant and predictable flow of resources enables us to set ourselves more ambitious goals and bolder strategies for the development of science.

Our development plan basically entails (i) making an active contribution to expand the frontiers of basic science in CECs’ three research areas: Physics, Biology and Glaciology (ii) developing an applied science programme to transform knowledge into products and services relevant to public and private ventures (iii) adapting and modernizing the management and financing of the Centre, maintaining the flexibility, internal solidarity and lack of bureaucracy that have been fundamental for the performance and achievements of CECs.

Ever since the Basal Financing Programme funds were awarded, CECs leverages resources from other public and private, domestic and international sources, totalling sums equivalent to those provided by the State through this programme.