Norbert Blindow
Norbert Blindow (Germany) received a diploma (MSc.) degree in physics at the University of Münster (UM) in 1977 for modeling and construction of a strong superconducting research magnet. After this he changed to the field of applied geophysics doing research at UM and at the Free University of Berlin. In 1987 he obtained a doctoral degree at UM with a thesis on “Thickness and internal structures of ice shelves and temperate glaciers determined by high resolution electromagnetic reflection methods”. He has participated and led many geophysical and glaciological campaigns to the Antarctic and the Greenland ice sheets, including the Filchner-Ronne and Ekström ice shelves, and King George Island close to the Antarctic Peninsula. He has also applied and developed novel geophysical methods for the exploration of groundwater in arid regions (Eastern Sahara, Atacama), archaeological research in the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey) and for the detection of ice thickness and internal structures in glaciers and ice sheets (Alps, Andes, Antarctica, Greenland). His latest radar development includes an airborne system capable of sounding deep temperate ice. Other successful applications have been related to mining exploration in northern Chile and groundwater surveys in northern Germany. Airborne platforms include the use of helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and Zeppelin. In the period 1987-2009 Norbert was senior scientist and lecturer at the Institut für Geophysik, University of Münster, where he led more than 60 of undergraduate/graduate thesis. Since 2010 he is Senior Scientist at the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) in Hannover. In 2011 he became Senior Scientific Advisor of the Glaciology section at CECS, where he is contributing from his knowledge and experience to the development of radar systems for glacier research, particularly regarding temperate ice.
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