Microbial ecology and antibiotic resistance

Our laboratory is mainly focused in the study of two fundamental aspects of the biology of human pathogens.

Using genetic tools we aim to identify the molecular mechanisms that allow the adaptation and/or survival of Vibrio genus waterborne bacteria such as starvation, oxidative stress, bacteriophage predation, among others. Our research will contribute to the development of novel control strategies, to improve the actual therapies and the early detection of these pathogens.

Moreover, our laboratory is interested in the understanding of the genetic regulation leading to the generation and awakening of persister cells. This bacterial fraction is highly tolerant to different antibiotics and has been related to relapsing infections and to the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Our work will greatly impact the biomedicine field, since it might generate novel therapeutic targets to he development of drugs that might improve the treatment of relapsing infections and to fight the antibiotic resistance crisis.